The Robovator is a vision based robotic hoeing machine for controlling weeds in row crops.


Low Power Requirements

Hydraulically operated
Power consumption is low; about 1 hp/row using PTO.
Low weight 1500 lbs (700kg)
Operating speed: 1.2mph –  5mph (2 – 8 km/h)
Minimum maintenance

Automatic Hoeing in the Row

Can easily be adjusted to any row spacing 9” – 30” (25cm – 75cm).
Each row has its own camera.
Automatic side shift; self centering

Easy to Operate

Easy to operate, can be controlled by your smart phone, laptop or by its own display.
Software installed for transplanted vegetables or direct seed crops
Can easily be updated with new software.

“We are seeing removal of up to 95% of the weeds that are out there in transplanted crops and up to 85% in seeded crops. A hand crew is not going to get 100% and is going to be less effective as they get tired.  With this machine you can adjust the values and get it to work day and night.”
-Bart Walker

In use in the following countries:

United Kingdom
and here in the United States.